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Welcome to Quarra Stone Company, a renowned leader in the stone fabrication industry. With over three decades of experience, we have perfected the art of transforming raw stone into exquisite masterpieces. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, our team of sixty-five skilled artisans brings life to stone, crafting award winning architecture and museum-worthy fine art. 

Our Services


At Quarra Stone Company, we offer a comprehensive range of services to cater to all your stone-related needs. Our expertise extends to stone consulting, where we provide valuable insights and guidance to help you make informed decisions about your stone projects. Whether you require assistance with stone selection, design considerations, or project planning, our knowledgeable consultants are here to support you every step of the way.

Exquisite Stone Fabrication | Quarra Stone Company | Madison, WI


The Obama Presidential Center

The Obama Presidential Center in Chicago, Illinois, promises to be a celebrated landmark, boasting a distinctive design and elegant stone exterior that will gracefully age over time. The Quarra Stone Company played a crucial role in expertly selecting the domestically sourced granite, aligning with the aesthetic vision and ensuring a service life of 100 years. Their seamless collaboration with various stakeholders, along with meticulous planning and coordination, ensures a lasting impact for generations to come.



Through our state-of-the-art digital fabrication techniques, we bring innovation and precision to the stone industry. Our advanced technology enables us to transform stone into intricate designs and complex structures with exceptional accuracy. From custom sculptures to architectural elements, our digital fabrication capabilities ensure unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Exquisite Stone Fabrication | Quarra Stone Company | Madison, WI


Collier Memorial

The Sean Collier Memorial at MIT is a tribute to the police officer killed after the Boston Marathon bombing. Designed by Höweler+Yoon Architecture, the curvilinear vault of 190 tons of granite represents unity. Quarra Stone played a vital role in the selection, fabrication, and assembly of the blocks. A symbol of community and remembrance, honoring Sean Collier and MIT’s resilience.


At Quarra Stone Company, we understand the importance of sourcing high-quality stone for your projects. With our extensive network and deep knowledge of the industry, we accurately select the finest stones from around the world. Our commitment to sourcing ensures that every piece we work with meets the highest standards of beauty, durability, and sustainability.

Exquisite Stone Fabrication | Quarra Stone Company | Madison, WI


Vals Quartzite

Vals Quartzite is a stunning stone from the Swiss Alps, combining granite’s durability with marble-like elegance, showcasing green and grey shades with white quartz veins. Its unique features include mesmerizing reflections from silver mica and white quartz, making it perfect for interior and exterior applications, even in harsh environments.

Quarra Stone is the exclusive North American representative, having worked on multiple prestigious projects with Vals Quartzite.


When it comes to project installation, we pride ourselves on delivering seamless execution and flawless results. Our skilled craftsmen are equipped with the expertise and precision required to bring your vision to life. Whether it’s a small-scale installation or a large-scale architectural project, our team is dedicated to achieving excellence in every detail.

Exquisite Stone Fabrication | Quarra Stone Company | Madison, WI

Featured Project

Memorial to Enslaved Laborers, University of Virginia

The Memorial to Enslaved Laborers at the University of Virginia is a profound tribute to the 4,000 enslaved individuals who made significant contributions to the university's development. Through collaboration with architects and experts, Quarra Stone meticulously crafted the memorial using locally sourced granite, employing precision carving and advanced digital fabrication techniques. Finally, our skilled team proudly installed this powerful memorial.


Quarra Stone Company specializes in the fabrication of fine art stone pieces. Our team of skilled artisans possesses a deep understanding of the intricate nature of sculptural work, allowing us to bring life to stone and create museum-worthy masterpieces. With meticulous attention to detail and a profound appreciation for artistic expression, we transform raw stone into captivating sculptures that evoke emotion and leave a lasting impression.

Exquisite Stone Fabrication | Quarra Stone Company | Madison, WI



Artist Charles Ray’s Two Horses, a monumental granite relief, intertwines art history and the passage of time. Crafted meticulously, the sculpture incorporates the geological qualities of granite, symbolizing time’s course through matter. Combining cutting-edge technology with ancient materials, Ray conveys mortality and human intervention. The sculpture is part of the permenant collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.


Architectural stone cladding is one of our specialties at Quarra Stone. We offer a wide range of cladding solutions that combine aesthetics, functionality, and durability. Our architectural stone cladding not only enhances the visual appeal of buildings but also provides protection and insulation. With our extensive selection of stone and methodical installation techniques, we can create stunning facades that elevate the design and value of any architectural project.

Exquisite Stone Fabrication | Quarra Stone Company | Madison, WI


United States Capitol Visitors Center

Quarra Stone played a vital role in the Capitol Visitor Center’s construction, skillfully installing sandstone slabs resembling the Capitol’s original materials. Our expertise in sourcing and fabrication ensured a seamless integration, honoring the nation’s history and democratic values for millions of visitors accessing the underground center.


We specialize in the preservation and restoration of historic stone structures. With a deep respect for historical integrity, our experienced artisans combine traditional craftsmanship and modern expertise to rejuvenate architectural treasures from bygone eras. From cleaning and consolidation to intricate carving and replication, we carefully analyze each structure and develop tailored restoration plans that prioritize preservation while maintaining authenticity. Collaborating closely with experts and organizations, we adhere to strict preservation standards to transform aging stone structures into beautifully preserved reminders of our collective history. 

Exquisite Stone Fabrication | Quarra Stone Company | Madison, WI


New York State Capitol

The New York Capitol Building, inspired by a French chateau and Romanesque/French Renaissance styles, took 32 years to build (1867-1899) with contributions from five architects. The Great Western Staircase, designed by Henry Hobson Richardson and completed by Isaac G. Perry, had a skylight and lighting praised for perfection. A fire in 1911 caused significant damage, leading to modifications during WWII and the 1960s. A restoration project in 2000, led by Quarra Stone, revived the Capitol’s grandeur, with meticulous replication of the skylight and laylight while preserving historical character.

Thank you

Thank you for your interest in the Quarra Stone Company. We are excited to hear from you and discuss how our cutting-edge techniques and timeless craftsmanship can contribute to your next stone project.  We invite you to get in touch with us to discuss your project requirements, ask any questions, or explore how we can work together. 


Exquisite Stone Fabrication | Quarra Stone Company | Madison, WI

Featured Project

New Quarra Stone Headquarters

Quarra Stone's relocation to a larger facility in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, signifies a significant investment in growth. With doubled production capacity, we aim to meet increasing client demands and deliver even greater value and service. The move also welcomes new skilled workers, fostering innovation and creating a dynamic work environment for long-term success.

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